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About Us

Sama Damsak Public Relations Company is one of the specialized companies in the organization of exhibitions and conferences where it contains special sections for the work of equipment and technical cadres, expertise in the processing of the exhibition grounds and the preparation of all services supporting the latest engineering designs and the establishment of platforms with lighting systems and audio and video systems.

Our Value

  •  Communicate with organizations and institutions of the international community.
  •  The possibility of identifying the target group and study the behavior of users with high accuracy in all areas of the Saudi market and know the extent of interaction of that category.
  •  Communicate with international media
  •  Upgrading the level of companies and the management system of information and marketing through the spread of information to the work of professional professionalism.
  •  Managing, operating and organizing international events and conferences.
  •  International campaign management and public relations.

Our Vision

Is the construction of the soft power project Saudi Arabia, which targets the media and international public opinion and build a mental image affecting the Saudi people.
We seek to have the name of our company in the list of the best Saudi companies in the field of international public relations and the organization of international exhibitions and conferences.

Our Goals

  • Keeping abreast of the growth witnessed by the Kingdom by providing high quality services according to the latest international standards and realizing the vision of 2030.
  •  Building an influential structure in the industry and development of Arab content with qualified Saudi cadres.
  • Providing high quality and professional information and technical services to all government and private sectors.
  •  Creating multiple partnerships with local, Arab and international markets in the field of new media and international media.

Our Strategy

  •  Put the customer at the heart of events for everything we do .
  •  Attract - develop and retain the best talent .
  •  To enhance the value of cooperation for a comprehensive and diverse culture .
  • Manage the work according to professional and ethical standards .
  •  Develop and market products that meet customer needs and create marketing features. 
  • We support the Vision 2030 for promising social and economic success.